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Assorted Tapes Submissions

Order TypePlaylist Submission
Which PlaylistsHidden Gems
Response Time20-28 Business days

  • Submit to be on the playlists and get a video on TikTok & Instagram
  • Submitting doesn't guarantee support on any platforms

Assorted Tapes Submissions


How Assorted Tapes Submissions Work:

Assorted Tapes offers artists the ability to skip the average wait time of the free submission queue. Instead of a 3-5 month wait time, you can expect your song to be listened to within a couple of days. There is no guaranteed support on any platform, by paying for a submission, you are only guaranteed that we will listen to your song.If it is decided that your song is a good fit then we  will let you know if it'll be playlisted and/or posted about

Free Submissions Available HERE (Response time is 3 - 5 months)


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